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Excavator Bucket Side Cutters

Most excavator buckets have a side cutter, located on the side of the bucket. The side cutters are thicker than the side of the bucket. In the picture below the side cutter is in the red circle.

Excavator bucket with side cutter

In this particular bucket, the eb612, the side cutter is 1/2" thick whereas the side of the bucket is 3/8" thick

Bolt On Side Cutters For Buckets

Excavator buckets may have additional side cutters called "bolt on side cutters". In the excavator bucket below the bolt on side cutters are circled

Excavator bucket with bolt on side cutters

At USA Attachments, not every excavator bucket can be equipped with bolt on side cutters. Bolt on side cutters are only available for the following series of excavators

  • 24,000 - 33,000 lbs
  • 33,000 - 40,000 lbs
  • 40,000 - 45,000 lbs

Bolt on side cutters are optional and they cost $350

USA Attachments

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